Support Literacy

EmilyToday, our Library is working to address many social and economic needs of the community. The Foundation supports innovative Library programs that promote and support early, school age and family literacy in our community. Through materials and programs supported by the Foundation, our Library:

  • Reaches parents with books, learning games and incentives that encourage them to visit the Library with their infants, toddlers and young children.
  • Brings books and reading into the homes of children, including children who are at-risk for low literacy.
  • Engages large numbers of children and families in the Family Summer Reading Program, providing innovative challenges and incentives to read through the summer months. During the summer many students, especially low-performing students, are more likely to fall behind in their reading fluency and comprehension skills.
  • Supporting teachers and students at a time when many school libraries, in both public and private schools, cannot fund extensive collections of books, technology tools, research materials and access to vast data bases.