slide14Name: Jackie

I like everything about the Library! I love books, always have, always will. As a child I used to sneak books under the covers of my bed so I could read them after I was supposed to go to sleep. My mom always gave me a good long book to read when we were taking a trip.

Some important things Libraries offer?
They offer access to the world. They provide an atmosphere that welcomes the search for information and nurtures curiosity. They’re also a comfortable, social gathering place. I feel lucky to have always had a good Library in my community.
All time favorite book?
Atlas Shrugged
Prefer hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books?
When I’m home I prefer hardback books, but I do like the ease and convenience of e-books when I travel.
How did you motivate or inspire your kids to read?
I think they saw how much their dad and I read, and they watched the two of us reading.
How to keep Libraries relevant?
Libraries will have to keep adapting to the needs and demands of the technical world, and remain current with the ways people of all ages want access to information.


slide7Name: Cathie

I love the Library! For me it’s a peaceful place in my day. I can totally let everything else go when I’m here.

Some important things Libraries offer?
A good book. There’s nothing like a good book! Also, I home school my daughter and the Library is a valuable resource, not only for finding good books to read with her, but for accessing topics and information that I’m teaching her. I use the Library’s computers to do research.
All time favorite book?
Spiderwick Chronicles
Prefer hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books?
Hardbacks, without a doubt!

Courtney and Gabrielle

CourtneyName: Courtney and Gabrielle

We love to read and we love having all these books to choose from. We’re applying to become volunteers here at the Library. We want to help work in the Young Adult section of the Library. We have ideas for good books and we’d like to help with arranging the books in the Young Adult section.

Dee and Ronald

ronaldName: Dee and Ronald

This is a wonderful Library! We come to the Library on a regular basis, every 7-10 days. We are avid readers and we like the availability of lots of good books. I’ve enjoyed using Libraries since I was a child in Miles City. It was always a big treat to go to the Library and get books to read! I raised my kids in Bozeman and we visited the Bozeman Library all the time.

Some important things Libraries offer?
We often order books from collections in other Libraries, too. As retired people, we read so many books we couldn’t possibly afford to buy all the great books that are in this Library. We also appreciate the staff here. They’re always available, never too busy to help us find what we’re looking for.


JerriName: Jerri

As a life-long Library user, I consider Libraries a valuable resource for many reasons. They provide access to the internet. They offer DVDs, CDs, books-on-tape, e-books, paperbacks and hardbacks, newspapers and journals. Libraries are places we can get information and entertainment. They are also popular meeting places for people in a community.

When you’re new to a community, the Library is a great place to come and learn about the town. Or, when you’re visiting and passing through, like I am, the Library offers a quiet comfortable place to relax, read, browse for information or do serious research. This Library is wonderful!


LizName: Liz

I like bringing my kids, Arorah and Percy, to this Library to find good books, use the play center, and be with other kids their age. We all love books and we love to read.

Some important things Libraries offer?
There’s such a big collection of books in the Library and lots of different kinds of books. There are more books here than we could possibly have at home. And we like the staff here at the Library. They’re great! They help us find books that are interesting and fun to read.
All time favorite book?
Voice of the Heart
Prefer hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books?
Hardback books. I just like the feel of a book in my hands.
How did you motivate or inspire your kids to read?
I think they love books and love to read because I love books and love to read. They watch me reading all the time. They know it’s important to me.
How to keep Libraries relevant?
Libraries will have to keep getting bigger so they have more room for books, computers and the information people want.



We like a lot of things about this Library. We come to the Library every day it’s open to read the Great Falls Tribune, my hometown paper. We moved to Polson from Great Falls 2.5 years ago and we’ve come to the Library almost every day since moving here. Reading the Great Falls Tribune helps me stay in touch with what’s going on back home.

Some important things Libraries offer?
The newspapers and the collection of large print books. We enjoy reading books with large print.


MyrnaName: Myrna

When I was a little girl attending a small rural school, I liked going to my school Library. It was small compared to the “big” city Library in Polson which I visited for the first time when I was about 12 years old. I remember falling in love with the big Polson Library. I walked in and there were hundreds and hundreds of books everywhere. I loved the smell of all those books and the feel of being in a place where I was literally surrounded by books. I prefer reading hardback books to e-books or paperbacks. I’m currently an active member of the Montechato Club on the east shore, and we have our own Library right there in the club. We bring books to share, leave them on the shelves, and take books home that other people have read and recommended.

Prefer hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books?
I like reading all kinds books but hardbacks are my favorites.

How did you motivate or inspire your kids to read?
My children and grandchildren are all avid readers, like me. I think they love to read because they know I love to read. They grew up listening to me read to them and watching me read my own books. My grandchildren Lainey, Finley and Tucker love to come to the Library with me.

My family has a history of dedication to reading and to education. In 1913 my grandfather, Ben Ducharme, donated an acre of his allotment so a public school could be built there on his property on the south shore of the lake. He gave the land for the school under one condition, and that was, the school must serve all children living in the area, including Indian children if they wanted to come to school. At that time, if Indian children wanted to go to school, they had to go to a Boarding school. My grandfather wanted Indian children to be able to go to a public school, not a Boarding school. He and the Agency came to an agreement, and the Ducharme School was built in 1913. All children in the area went to the Ducharme School.



I like getting audio books for road trips. My daughter uses online learning programs and is an avid reader.