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When I was a little girl attending a small rural school, I liked going to my school Library. It was small compared to the “big” city Library in Polson which I visited for the first time when I was about 12 years old. I remember falling in love with the big Polson Library. I walked in and there were hundreds and hundreds of books everywhere. I loved the smell of all those books and the feel of being in a place where I was literally surrounded by books. I prefer reading hardback books to e-books or paperbacks. I’m currently an active member of the Montechato Club on the east shore, and we have our own Library right there in the club. We bring books to share, leave them on the shelves, and take books home that other people have read and recommended.

Prefer hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books?
I like reading all kinds books but hardbacks are my favorites.

How did you motivate or inspire your kids to read?
My children and grandchildren are all avid readers, like me. I think they love to read because they know I love to read. They grew up listening to me read to them and watching me read my own books. My grandchildren Lainey, Finley and Tucker love to come to the Library with me.

My family has a history of dedication to reading and to education. In 1913 my grandfather, Ben Ducharme, donated an acre of his allotment so a public school could be built there on his property on the south shore of the lake. He gave the land for the school under one condition, and that was, the school must serve all children living in the area, including Indian children if they wanted to come to school. At that time, if Indian children wanted to go to school, they had to go to a Boarding school. My grandfather wanted Indian children to be able to go to a public school, not a Boarding school. He and the Agency came to an agreement, and the Ducharme School was built in 1913. All children in the area went to the Ducharme School.

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