LizName: Liz

I like bringing my kids, Arorah and Percy, to this Library to find good books, use the play center, and be with other kids their age. We all love books and we love to read.

Some important things Libraries offer?
There’s such a big collection of books in the Library and lots of different kinds of books. There are more books here than we could possibly have at home. And we like the staff here at the Library. They’re great! They help us find books that are interesting and fun to read.
All time favorite book?
Voice of the Heart
Prefer hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books?
Hardback books. I just like the feel of a book in my hands.
How did you motivate or inspire your kids to read?
I think they love books and love to read because I love books and love to read. They watch me reading all the time. They know it’s important to me.
How to keep Libraries relevant?
Libraries will have to keep getting bigger so they have more room for books, computers and the information people want.

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