slide14Name: Jackie

I like everything about the Library! I love books, always have, always will. As a child I used to sneak books under the covers of my bed so I could read them after I was supposed to go to sleep. My mom always gave me a good long book to read when we were taking a trip.

Some important things Libraries offer?
They offer access to the world. They provide an atmosphere that welcomes the search for information and nurtures curiosity. They’re also a comfortable, social gathering place. I feel lucky to have always had a good Library in my community.
All time favorite book?
Atlas Shrugged
Prefer hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books?
When I’m home I prefer hardback books, but I do like the ease and convenience of e-books when I travel.
How did you motivate or inspire your kids to read?
I think they saw how much their dad and I read, and they watched the two of us reading.
How to keep Libraries relevant?
Libraries will have to keep adapting to the needs and demands of the technical world, and remain current with the ways people of all ages want access to information.

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