Name: Liz

I like bringing my kids, Arorah and Percy, to this Library to find good books, use the play center, and be with other kids their age. We all love books and we love to read.

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Name: Richard

We like a lot of things about this Library. We come to the Library every day it’s open to read the Great Falls Tribune, my hometown paper. We moved to Polson from Great Falls 2.5 years ago and we’ve come to the Library almost every day since moving here...

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Name: Cathie

I love the Library! For me it’s a peaceful place in my day. I can totally let everything else go when I’m here.

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Name: Courtney and Gabrielle

We love to read and we love having all these books to choose from. We’re applying to become volunteers here at the Library.

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Name: Myrna

When I was a little girl attending a small rural school, I liked going to my school Library. It was small compared to the “big” city Library in Polson which I visited for the first time when I was about 12 years old. I remember falling in love with the big Polson Library...

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Name: Spring

I like getting audio books for road trips. My daughter uses online learning programs and is an avid reader.

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Name: Jackie

I like everything about the Library! I love books, always have, always will. As a child I used to sneak books under the covers of my bed so I could read them after I was supposed to go to sleep...

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Name: Dee and Ronald

This is a wonderful Library! We come to the Library on a regular basis, every 7-10 days. We are avid readers and we like the availability of lots of good books. I’ve enjoyed using Libraries since I was a child in Miles City.

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Name: Jerri

As a life-long Library user, I consider Libraries a valuable resource for many reasons. They provide access to the internet. They offer DVDs, CDs, books-on-tape, e-books, paperbacks and hardbacks, newspapers and journals. Libraries are places we can get information and entertainment...

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Library Launches Giving Tuesday Campaign

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world. Giving Tuesday will kick off the generosity season every year by inspiring people to give back on the first Tuesday of each December.

Make A Gift

Make a donation to the North Lake County Library Foundation.

Spotlight On!

Services Our Library Offers
Do you know all the services our North Lake County Public Library provides? Of course, our Library offers public access to computers, a children’s game computer, scanner, photocopier/fax, black and white printing. But did you know our Library also offers a Legal Self-Help Kiosk? Talking Books? Test Proctoring? Low Vision Equipment? Vital Statistics Indices?

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Leave A Legacy of Literacy!

“A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people.” Andrew Carnegie

There is no greater resource of knowledge and information in our community than the North Lake County Public Library and there is no other institution that will benefit more from your support. You can “Leave a Legacy of Literacy” in the Polson community by making a gift to the Library in any one of several ways.

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